Welcome to my webpage. I have been working with graphics for many years - what started as a hobby has become my full-time job for more than ten years. In addition, I have experience in many other areas such as technology, computer science and marketing among others.

I currently work on a freelance basis. With use of my own or the client's material, I am able to create a variety of DTP projects or update and amend existing ones: anything from simple diagrams and advertisements to complicated brochures and multiple page catalogues. I always try to make the end result the best realisation of the client's needs and I have proof of that in the positive reference letters I've received.

I am using my own, legally purchased software. My employer does not need to worry about big part of additional costs which are normally incurred when setting up a work station for graphic designer.

I have completed projects for individual clients as well as for institutional and corporate ones. I cordially encourage you to browse a small sampling of my portfolio which can be found on this page.

In case of enquiries, please contact me. I invite you to take advantage of my services.

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